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More Smartphones than Humans by 2013


The Recent Uncertainty of Investing in Gold

The Recent Uncertainty of Investing in Gold.

Teams Pay-tons of attention on Manning

Now that Colts quaterback Peyton Manning was cleared to start throwing the football and advance into more intensive rehab, the organization has to start considering what they will do with him in 2012. That statement almost sounds disrespectful considering what he has done for the organization, but at the end of the day the NFL is merely a business and owners only care about the cash flow into the stadium. As much as the city of Indianapolis loves Their 4 time MVP, he can easily be gone next year. Look at what happened to the hill billy boy down in Green Bay. He was GOD in Green Bay for 16 years before missing his first game ever due to body decay. The team easily dumped him when Aaron Rodgers was ready and it seemed to work out pretty nicely for the organization. The ‘owner mentality’ is to  Forget about what Favre did for 16 years, hes gotta go, and this can easily be the case in Indianapolis in 2012.

 But why? How can Bill Polian even consider doing anything but keep Peyton. After this terrible season everyone realized how he is literally the entire Colts team. The guy has a career record of 148-75, passer rating of 94.9, he is a 4 time MVP (should win MVP this year as well) , Super Bowl and Pro Bowl MVP and holds 45 NFL records.

 So now that we are on the same page as to how owners really feel about their players and how Peyton Manning is a top 3 QB of all time, lets look at the scenarios for his future :

1. After being released, Peyton retires.

If the Colts do release Peyton Manning, there is a good chance he will retire. In an interview in 2006, Peyton Manning made it clear that the Indianapolis Colts are the only team that he will ever play for. He seems like a very loyal guy and and if his injury stays this serious, retirement can be the right choice. No one would want to see him ruin his legacy like Mr. Favre. He would infact make a great coach, cordinator, analyst or comedian right?

2. After being released, Peyton signs with another team.

Peyton Manning is a very expensive employee for the Indianapolis Colts organization. He is owed a 28 million dollar bonus after this season and if he stays with the team his salary is one of the largest in the NFL. Before the season started, he took a pay cut so that the colts can keep other players and make the team better. Yes, another reason why he is one of the best and most loyal, but once again, owners do not care about individuals. Say the colts sign Andrew Luck with their first overall pick, Peyton Mannings pay can be used to build a team around Luck, unless he takes a deeper pay cut which is not likely. Peyton can see this as disrepect and make alot more money somewhere else. I know for sure the dolphins would make a nice offer at Peyton if he was to be released. Surprisngly they have a talented team and Peyton would win them alot of games. Im sure he would love to see Brady twice a year as well.

3. Peyton is traded

Out of all the scenarios, I believe along with most professional NFL analysists that this one will never happen. Peyton Manning is owed $28 million dollars after the season as noted before and he cannot be traded until he is paid his money. So if they are going to pay him that bonus, why would it make any sense to trade him. Their best bet would be to get whatever they can out of him if they give him the $28 million. Manning can also delay his bonus and see if another team is willing to pay him that money. But obviously this will come down to whether Peyton Manning is about the money or winning and I want to believe he is in it to win it.

4. Indy and Peyton restructure his contract

Peyton Manning has already taken less money to better the team, and they might ask him to take even less. If in fact he is all about the team and winning, this can be very possible. If he takes more of a pay cut and restructures his entire contract, the organization can pay more players and sign more players. Not to mention Andrew Luck will be watching Peyton Manning from the sideline for a couple of years.

5. My favorite scenario for the colts : Pay and keep him on the team!

Knowing how tough of a guy Peyton is, next year he most likely will come back very strong. He is one of the most mature players in the league and he is mentally tough enough to surpass this serious injury and all of the media hype on how he is done. The colts have to take the chance and pay him, but if he does come back strong it is money well spent. Signing Peyton and drafting Luck would be a Favre/Rodgers situation and it created a superbowl caliber quaterback.

There are many rumors and opinions about where Peyton Manning will play football next season and this is going to stir up a very interesting offseason. If I had to put money on it, I would say Peyton Manning will wind up with a horse shoe on his helmet for the rest of his career.

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